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The Truths about online dating

Meet your exact match from behind a computer screen?  Sounds pretty good right? Like every guys dream? Well the sad fact is it is.  Males flock to these sites in these exact hopes.  Sad thing is Most of the time they overwhelm women with their interest. Its not uncommon for a woman to get 20+ messages a day, if she has any what of a busy day Odds are even if your a good match for her she’ll glaze right over you. Guys where ever you are, what ever place, what ever size, what ever income I’m willing to be you dont get this much attention on theses sites.

This Image was taken from a womans online dating inbox, if your framilar with the world of Online dating you might recognize the branding, worse yet you might even recognize you made a similar mistake, Saying “Hi”.
Saying Hi, Hey or hello will shot your chances of being notice immediately. In fact you might be worse off saying hi then even messaging in the first place, since you just invested all that time writing the message.
The topic is the Most Important part of the message. More important than whats actually in the message its self. If your going to set the decks up this much against your self, you might as well give your self the best chance.

And what if They notice? You have no idea if the person on the other end is having a bad day or not.
Online dating forces you to take her first response as set in stone, with no feedback.